Crash Catcher is a Layout Master plugin that idles in the background waiting to handle a Layout crash. In the event of a crash, Crash Catcher will post a message and attempt to save your scene and it’s objects with new names to the current content directory. It will append “_SavedByCrashCatcher” to the names of your original  scene and objects.. Crash Catcher can only attach to LightWave’s main thread so it probably won’t catch crashes while LightWave is rendering.

This is probably not a plugin you need to use every day. We recommend using it in cases where your scene may be crashing intermittently due to a LightWave bug that won’t be fixed until the next LightWave update but you still need to keep working to meet a deadline.

If you’re using Advanced Placement, you won’t need to run the plugin since it’s already built into AP.