Advanced Placement isĀ an artist friendly tool for physics based placement of items and their instances in your LightWave scene. It includes it’s own physics engine, instance generator, undo system, a large collection of painting tools and a special capture/playback system for recording and playing back physics simulations that you can interact with as you make them. Below are just some of the fun things you can do with AP

Collision free painting

Create and capture physics simulations

Emit instances from geometry

Convert AP instances to LW instances

Emit lights

Workflow demo

Please be aware that if your project requires tens of thousands or millions of instances then AP may not be the right tool for the job. AP has extra memory requirements for it’s command and physics systems and the physics engine itself can’t handle anywhere near that many bodies and still remain interactive. We’ve provided a demo version that is not crippled in regard to instance handling capabilities. Please try the demo first before buying AP if you think high instance counts might be a problem for you.