UP Beta 0_8_0_5 is released

By March 24, 2017UP announcements

Bug fixes

  • Items could  be inadvertently deleted on scene save. Fixed
  • Collision detection fails for scaled meshes not Modeled around origin. Fixed
  • All UP settings were not being saved with the scene. Fixed
  • Surface holder system was flaky. Fixed
  • Could not delete Squirt Gun and static bodies. Fixed
  • UP selection widget state is not remembered on scene load. Fixed

New Additions:

  • Ability to load/save your own presets
  • Ability to customize output liquid mesh folder and base name
  • Options to highlight selected bodies and bodies that have been added to the simulation
  • Made the interface resizable.

Planned For Next Update

  • Finish support for Particle body types that  can interact with fluids
  • Rework Fluid settings system to expose more controls to advanced users
  • Add start frame option
  • Finish Delay option for gun ( currently does nothing )
  • Add Emitter Jitter

Known Limitations

  • Flex does not support non-uniform scale. UP will scale them up to the largest axis internally