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March 2017

UP Beta 0_8_1_0 is released

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  • You must Re-Add this version to Layout because it contains a new LWSDK plugin for Object Replacement. Your success message should say “8 plugins were successfully added”

Bug fixes

  • After clear scene, UP would not behave properly. Fixed
  • UP selection widget was not remembering state on scene load. Fixed

New additions

  • Ability to set start frame for fluid generation
  • Warning popup window to prevent overwriting saved fluid meshes. This is an option that can be toggled in the Preferences tab
  • New Auto Sequence option that handles loading and playback of liquid mesh sequences  transparently.
  • New version that supports graphics cards that support Direct3D 11/12. This means you can run UP on AMD cards and NVIDIA cards without using CUDA
  • Make a few simple demos available for download from the UP page


  • The setting for the  fluid mesh output directory is now saved in the LW scene file instead of the UP config file

Known limitations

  • Meshes that are interactively edited in Modeler is not being interactively updated in the UP

UP Beta 0_8_0_5 is released

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Bug fixes

  • Items could  be inadvertently deleted on scene save. Fixed
  • Collision detection fails for scaled meshes not Modeled around origin. Fixed
  • All UP settings were not being saved with the scene. Fixed
  • Surface holder system was flaky. Fixed
  • Could not delete Squirt Gun and static bodies. Fixed
  • UP selection widget state is not remembered on scene load. Fixed

New Additions:

  • Ability to load/save your own presets
  • Ability to customize output liquid mesh folder and base name
  • Options to highlight selected bodies and bodies that have been added to the simulation
  • Made the interface resizable.

Planned For Next Update

  • Finish support for Particle body types that  can interact with fluids
  • Rework Fluid settings system to expose more controls to advanced users
  • Add start frame option
  • Finish Delay option for gun ( currently does nothing )
  • Add Emitter Jitter

Known Limitations

  • Flex does not support non-uniform scale. UP will scale them up to the largest axis internally

UP Beta 0_8_0_1 is released

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We’ve had so many requests from people wanting to try the beta now, that we’ve added a buy button to the UP page. If you have’t already done so, please try to demo to make sure that UP works on your machine. There will be no refunds once we’ve given you a license code.

Please make sure to watch the new Surfacing video

The new Particle body type work has just begun and is probably not stable.

The baked meshes are saved as a LWO sequence in a folder called “Up_fluid_meshes” in your Content/objects folder