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System Requirements

UP is powered by Flex, a  particle based dynamics library from NIVIDA.  Flex requires a D3D11 capable graphics card with the following driver versions:

  • NVIDIA: GeForce Game Ready Driver 372.90 or above
  • AMD: Radeon Software Version 16.9.1 or above

We provide both  CUDA and D3D versions of the UP plugin. If you have a NVIDIA video card with CUDA Compute Capability 3 or newer installed you can use the CUDA version. The D3D version will also run on NVIDIA cards with D3D11 support. If you have an AMD card or an older NIVIDA card without CUDA 3 support,  you must use the D3D version.

If you’re not sure about your NVIDIA card’s CUDA support, this page offers some useful information.

The number of particles you can use in an UP simulation depends on the amount of video ram in your graphics can. UP will warn you when you attempt to create more particles than the Max particle count setting in the Preferences tab. You should adjust this setting to reflect your graphics card’s capabilities.



Required Libraries

The UP distribution includes several libraries that must be added to your LightWave distribution /bin folder. This is the same folder where you’ll find your Layout and Modeler executable files.  You will find these libraries to add in the put_these_in_LW_distribution_folder  folder that’s included in your UP download.

For the D3D version, you’ll need to add:

  • amd_ags_x64.dll
  • NvFlexExtReleaseD3D_x64.dll
  • NvFlexReleaseD3d_x64.dll

For the CUDA version, you’ll need to add:

  • cudart64_80.dll
  • NvFlexExtReleaseCUDA_x64.dll
  • NvFlexReleaseCUDA_x64.dll

For all versions, you’ll need to add:

  • SDL2.dll

If you plan to use both the D3D version and the CUDA versions of UP, it’s ok to leave both the D3D and CUDA versions of the Flex libraries sitting in the LightWave distribution/bin folder.