Quick Start

//UP Quick Start
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3 Click Fluid Generation

  • Click on the UP button to open the UP gui

  • Click on Create Squirt Gun button to create a Z axis emitter

  • Click Simulation->Run to generate a simple fluid Preview

Add Kinematic Ground Plane

  • Hit Simulation->Reset button

  • Move Squirt Gun emitter to x = 0, y = 2, z = -1;

  • Create ground plane with Modeler Tools->Geometry->Ground Plane

  • Add Ground Plane to UP selection box using  Edit List->Add layout meshes

  • Select Ground Plane in UP selection box

  • Go to Physics Tab and set Body Type  to Kinematic

  • Select SquirtGun_1 in the UP selection box. Set Count to 12,000.

  • Press Simulation->Run button

Create Fluid Meshes

  • Hit Simulation->Reset button

  • Set Mode to Bake

  • Hit Simulation->Run button

  • When done, press Simulation->Reset button

  • Press Layout Play button