Installation and Licensing

//UP Install and License
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Before you can use UP, you will need to install and license it in LightWave Layout. After downloading the plugin, uncompress the zip file and place the plugin in the folder of your choice. UP needs to write it’s log and config files here so please make sure that full write permissions have been set for this folder.

Open a fresh Layout and  use Utilities->Add Plugins to add the UP plugin to LightWave.  You should receive a “8 plugins have been successfully added” message from LightWave. The Alert Level setting in LightWave’s Preferences determines where this success message appears.

Next you need to add the UP gui button to your LightWave interface. Currently, the UP frameworks consists of 8 plugins.  Use Edit->Edit Menu Layout to open the Configure Menus panel and add a new button to LightWave’s interface. Make sure to choose the UP Generic plugin that’s found in the “Plugins” section. Now click on the button you’re just added to open the UP interface.  You may see a message complaining about not finding the config file and the gui will be ghosted until you enter your license code. Got to the About tab and enter your license code.  Your Alert Level setting will determine where your success message appears.