UP Beta 0_8_6_0 is released

//UP Beta 0_8_6_0 is released

UP Beta 0_8_6_0 is released


  • If you have an older version of UP installed already, you’ll need to add the SDL2.dll file found in the included “put_these_in_the_LW_distribution” folder.
  • The particles adhering to triangle edges in cases of high Adhesion settings on low poly meshes is a Flex issue and has been reported and confirmed by NVIDIA.

Bug fixes

  • Objects modeled off center did not behave correctly. Fixed.
  • Switching between body types could cause display and preview render errors. Fixed.
  • Crashing on exit in some scenes. Fixed.

New Additions

  • Support for unlimited independent emitters.
  • Support for custom vertex emitters.
  • Interactive Preview in LW’s opengl viewports. Previews are limited in that they only work in Camera and Perspective viewports. If you’re using a multiple viewport setup, there can be only one Camera or Perspective type at a time. Previews do not generate any geometry and are only a rough approximation of the final baked output. Preview mode can be many times faster than Bake mode, especially as the simulation progresses..
  • User control for physics time step. If you increase the time step the simulation will run faster and you may need to increase Substeps and Iterations to maintain collision free simulations.
  • Max particle setting to prevent inadvertent overloading the GPU memory
  • Ability to set child properties independently of parent.
  • Stiffness control for melting/un-melting Particle bodies.
  • Many new parameters added, including, Stiffness, Relaxation Mode and Factor, Particle margin, Kinematic margin, Damping, Dissipation, Restitution, Sleep threshold, Shock propagation, Buoyancy, Solid pressure and Free surface drag.
  • Time animation support via “E” buttons for most settings.
  • New Demo version that is not crippled in any way except that only the Preview mode is available.
  • New pack of UP 0_8_6_0 demo scenes.


  • This version will not correctly load scenes saved from older versions of UP> You can open older scenes in a text editor to read and transfer settings, if necessary.

Know limitations

  • Flex does not support non-uniform scale. UP will scale bodies up to the largest axis internally.
  • Meshes that are interactively edited in Modeler are no being interactively updated in UP.
  • Surface Editor mus be closed while Baking