UP Beta 0_8_1_0 is released

//UP Beta 0_8_1_0 is released

UP Beta 0_8_1_0 is released


  • You must re-add this version to Layout because it contains a new LWSDK plugin for object replacement. Your success message should say “* plugins were successfully added”.

Bug fixes

  • UP would not behave properly after clear scene. Fixed.
  • UP selection widget was not remembering state on scene load. Fixed.

New Additions

  • Ability to set start frame for fluid generation
  • Warning popup window to prevent overwriting saved fluid meshes. This is an option that can be toggled in the Preferences tab.
  • New Auto Sequence option that handles loading and playback of liquid mesh sequences transparently.
  • New version that supports graphics cards that support Direct3D 11/12. This means you can run UP on AMD and NVIDIA cards without using CUDA.
  • Added a few simple demos for download.


  • The setting for the fluid mesh output directly is now saved in the LW scene file instead of the UP config file

Know limitations

  • Meshes that are interactively editid in Modeler are no being interactively updated in UP.