UP 1_1_1_0 is availble

//UP 1_1_1_0 is availble

UP 1_1_1_0 is availble


  • Fixed some multi-threading issues. Due to our misunderstanding of the LW SDK, we had been parsing the LW scene objects in parallel for performance reasons. This could cause random instability in UP. This version corrects this problem.

Known issues and limitations

  • Due to a current Flex limitation, rigid bodies can drift randomly if filled with too many particles. You can work around this by using a larger particle size or by increasing the rigid body’s particle spacing to generate fewer particles
  • Flex does not support non-uniform scale. UP will scale bodies up to the largest axis internally.
  • Meshes that are interactively edited in Modeler are not being interactively updated in UP.
  • In the LW 2015 the Surface Editor must be closed while Baking (UP does it automatically). This issue is not present in LW 2018.
  • The UP preview only works in Camera or Perspective viewports. If using multiple viewports, only 1 Camera or Perspective viewport can be used.
  • Simulation Pause option is not hooked up yet
  • Sometimes extra particles at the origin are created during the first time a simulation is run. Subsequent simulation runs work as expected
  • Preview with transparent surfaces does not work as expected in LW 2018