UP 1_0_0_0 is shipping

//UP 1_0_0_0 is shipping

UP 1_0_0_0 is shipping


  • Fixed garbled gui problem after scene clearing
  • Added new parameters to Fluid presets
  • Fixed refresh problem when Flex fails to create a Rigid or Particle body
  • Fixed Kinematic scaling bug
  • Completed Rigid body support

Known issues and limitations

  • Due to a current Flex limitation, rigid bodies can drift randomly if filled with too many particles. You can work around this by using a larger particle size or by increasing the rigid body’s particle spacing to generate fewer particles
  • Flex does not support non-uniform scale. UP will scale bodies up to the largest axis internally.
  • Meshes that are interactively edited in Modeler are not being interactively updated in UP.
  • Surface Editor must be closed while Baking (UP does it automatically.
  • The UP preview only works in Camera or Perspective viewports. If using multiple viewports, only 1 Camera or Perspective viewport can be used.
  • Simulation Pause option is not hooked up yet
  • Sometimes extra particles at the origin are created during the first time a simulation is run. Subsequent simulation runs work as expected