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Project Description

UP 1_1_1_0 with LW 2018 support is available

We’re really excited about our current project! It’s called  LightWave Unified Physics Framework or UP for short. Unified Physics means that you can simulate fluids, rigid and soft bodies, cloth and ropes, all interacting with each other using the same integrated tool within LightWave Layout. See why we’re excited!

The current solver is NVIDIA’s Flex. This means there is no Mac version available at this time. The Cuda version requires a NVIDIA graphics card with a GeForce Game Ready Driver 372.90 or above and support for CUDA version 3.0 or higher. The D3D version of UP requires DirectX version 11 and should work on NVIDA cards and AMD cards using Radeon Software Version 16.9.1 or above.

UP is tested and working in LW 2018 and LW 2015.3.  LW 2018 requires a separate plugin which is now included in the UP 1_1_1_0 distribution.

We’ll be using a new development model for this project. We plan to complete the framework by developing and releasing for sale a suite of low cost artist friendly tools. The first such tool is called Squirt Gun and allows you to interactively inject streams of fluids into your LW scene. The initial launch price includes the cost Squirt Gun and the UP framework. Owners of the framework will only have to pay for the cost of new tools as they arrive.

Please note that UP does not work on all graphics cards. Be sure to try the UP Demo version first before you buy since we cannot issue a refund once you’re received a license code.

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