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Project Description

Sherpa is a Modeler plugin that interactively converts LightWave splines into Sasquatch guides. Sasquatch guides are chains of 2 point polys that include an extra 1 point “root” poly at one end that is used by Sasquatch to determine growth direction.


  • First create and shape some splines. One way to do this is with Modeler’s Spline Draw tool and the Radial Array tool.
  • Activate Sherpa. Use Root name to name the 1 point poly root. User Hair name to name the 2 point poly chaing. Use Subdivisions to interactively set the number of 2 point subdivisions between the spline nodes. Check the Delete splines options to automatically delete the LightWave splines
Download (Free)
  • LightWave 2015

  • 64bit

  • Modelerer

  • Free

  • Windows

  • Mac