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Project Description

LWRemodeler has been updated to work in LW 2018. This is a free update to registered users. Currently only the Windows version of LWRemodeler 1_1_0_0 is available for download.

LWRemodeler is an integrated Layout tool for interactively retopologizing your LightWave objects using the Instant Meshes technology from IGL.

LWRemodeler has 2 modes for generating a new mesh. The Extract Mode lets you quickly extract a new mesh in 1 step. This is great when you don’t need to edit the polygon flow and when you want to quickly determine how far you can decimate a mesh without losing it’s important details. The Edit mode allows you too interactively paint and edit polygon flow and edge placement. It’s especially useful for take hi-res 3D scanned meshes and converting them into something useful for you animation/rendering pipeline.

LWRemodeler  reconstructs most LW surfaces after remeshing. Currently discontinuous UV’s are not fully supported. LWRemodeler requires single viewport  mode  in Layout.

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Latest Update 1_1_0_0
  • LightWave 2015/2018

  • 64bit

  • Layout

  • Commercial

  • Mac

  • Windows