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UP 1_0_0_0 is shipping

Changes Fixed garbled gui problem after scene clearing Added new parameters to Fluid presets Fixed refresh problem when Flex fails to create a Rigid or Particle body Fixed Kinematic scaling bug Completed Rigid body support Known issues and limitations Due to a current Flex limitation, rigid bodies can drift randomly if filled with too [...]

UP 1_0_0_0 is shipping 2018-01-01T11:40:09+00:00

UP Beta 0_9_0_0 is released

Notes We've made some modifications to the Flex library so this version requires that you replace your current Flex libraries that you've placed in your LW distribution folder with the new libraries in the "put_these_in_LW_distribution_bin_folder" that's included in the UP distribution. The new optix and gvdb libraries also need to copied to your  LW [...]

UP Beta 0_9_0_0 is released 2018-01-01T11:41:20+00:00

UP Beta 0_8_6_1 is released

This is a minor update to fix a bug where the UP gui may fail to open when the config file is empty or Up is not licensed yet.

UP Beta 0_8_6_1 is released 2017-07-24T20:37:35+00:00

UP Beta 0_8_6_0 is released

Notes If you have an older version of UP installed already, you'll need to add the SDL2.dll file found in the included "put_these_in_the_LW_distribution" folder. The particles adhering to triangle edges in cases of high Adhesion settings on low poly meshes is a Flex issue and has been reported and confirmed by NVIDIA. Bug fixes [...]

UP Beta 0_8_6_0 is released 2017-07-24T20:37:57+00:00

UP Beta 0_8_1_0 is released

Notes You must re-add this version to Layout because it contains a new LWSDK plugin for object replacement. Your success message should say "* plugins were successfully added". Bug fixes UP would not behave properly after clear scene. Fixed. UP selection widget was not remembering state on scene load. Fixed. New Additions Ability to [...]

UP Beta 0_8_1_0 is released 2017-07-24T20:39:08+00:00

UP Beta 0_8_0_5 is released

Bug fixes Items could be inadvertently deleted on scene save. Fixed. Collision detection fails for scaled meshes no modeled around the origin. Fixed. All UP settings were not being saved with the scene. Fixed. Surface holder system was flaky. Fixed. Could not delete Squirt Gun and kinematic bodies. Fixed. UP selection widget state is [...]

UP Beta 0_8_0_5 is released 2017-07-24T20:39:44+00:00